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Tipu Sultan was the king of Mysore, he rolled from 1782 to 1799.

He was a scholar, soldier and poet. He was born on 20th November, 1750.

He was the eldest Son of Sultan Haider Ali Mysore in his earlier he was trained in the art of warfare in it the age 15th, he use to accompany his father Haider Ali, the ruler of Mysore, to different militarily campaigns.

In addition, he also learn different language, mathematics and science.

Tipu Sultan is called the tiger of Mysore. Tipu Sultan has a great interest in learning.

His personal library consisted of more than 2000 book in different languages.

Tipu introduce a number administrative innovation including the introduction of a new coinage new land revenue system.

He took over the kingdom of Mysore. After the death of his father 1782, who was martyred in a campaigns against the British.

He continue fighting against the British and Defeated them in 1783.

Tipu started to increase strength with the help of the Amir of Afghanistan in the Sultan of Turkey.

The British were scared of Tipu growing strength and they were defeated in 1783.

The British conspired with Nizam of Hyderabad and Marathas and started the 3rd anglo-Mysore war in 1790.

As long as the British fought alone Tipu Sultan always defeated them.

however, he could not curb their conspiracy intrigue Tipu Sultan was a great patriot and, like his father he, too, realized the danger of letting the British become stronger.

Although much of the period of his rule was given to War with them Marathas, with Nizam of Hyderabad in the British, he made his state secure and peaceful with benevolent rule.

He was an enlightened ruler who treated non-muslim public generously he boiled a chain of excellent road and constructed Tanks and dams to promote agriculture.

He introduce new industry and promoted trade and a large scale in the fourth Anglo-Mysore war in 1798.

Tipu Sultan retreated to his Capital and continue fighting till his last breath. He was Martyred on 4th May 1799.

Tipu Sultan buried at a Mausoleum that he him self had build, along with his father Haider Ali and mother Fakhr-un-Nisa Fatima.

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