Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

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Rules for Chat4kids Site

1 The Age limits in this room are 13-16. Staff members are exempt.

2 Chat room names must be appropriate, as determined by the staff.

3 “Cat fishing” is not allowed. Using pictures of people who are not you is forbidden.

4 Spamming / scrolling / flooding the room is not allowed.

5 Do not post or request any type of social media in the main chat, private chats, profiles or moods. We want you to chat here.

6 Do not mention the names of, or post links to, other chat sites. Do not post links to any sites other than YouTube or Giphy.

7 Please chat in English. Although we are an international chat room, not all staff members are multi-lingual. We cannot mod what we cannot read.

8 Do not make accusations which cannot be proven by the accuser at the time they are made.

9 Harassment, stalking, bullying, trolling or blackmailing is not allowed.

10 Intimidation and threats, especially death threats, are not allowed.

11 Do not mention hacking another user’s account or hacking the chat room itself. This includes discussing tracing IP addresses.

12 Do not clone another user’s account. Using someone’s real picture without their permission is not allowed.

13 Do not discuss suicide or self-harm, such as cutting, choking, etc.

14 Pictures of a sexual nature are forbidden. This includes animation such as hentai, etc.

15 Nude pictures, underwear pictures or any pictures deemed obscene or inappropriate by the staff are not allowed.

16 Sexual language, or “dirty talk” is not allowed.

17 Racist, bigoted, homophobic, trans-phobic, sexist or derogatory language and pictures are not allowed. This includes the Nazi symbol, the Rebel flag, the N-word, any vulgar term for a group of people based on culture, religion, nationality, etc. and the term “that’s gay.”

18 Do not post pictures of real weapons or violent crimes. Gang-related names and images are not allowed.

19 Mild swearing is allowed, but do not abuse it. Bypassing censored words is not allowed. (Example: “Fung You” is considered bypassing.)

20 Do not ask for or post phone numbers, addresses, your school, your parents’ workplace, or where you hang out at specific times. (Example: “Every Tuesday night, I’m in the food court at Valley Hills Mall.”)

21 Do not disrespect or hinder the staff and do not mini-mod. The staff is here for you and will gladly assist if needed.22 This is your room. HAVE FUN!