Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

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Welcome to C4K Chat Room

The above image clear shows you, if you have 20 points you can keep chat with your friends in private.

one per message on your main chat you will earn one points for example if you send 10 messages on main you will earned 10 points.

so in this way if you reach 20 points so the system will activate your private message box.

if it is not working just simply refresh chat room and it work for sure.

but the main point you guys have to understand if you do private chat one message will deduct 1 point from your points.

we also have one special member rank which is very amazing rank.

for example if you become special member of C4K so the benefit of Special Member is if you chat in private no points will be deducted from your points.

but the most important thing is you must have to be VIP User if you are not VIP system will not allow you to use your inbox

Special Rank will be only for special Members.

Have a good Day.

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