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How father made a stool | c4k story | online story for kids

When my father was little, he made a stool all by himself.

He never forgot that stool, there was probably not another one like that in the whole world.

Hawk, the craft class teacher was sure there was not. They had a workshop at school and Hawk taught the class how to use saw and hammer.

how, to take apart what they had done badly and start over and over again

He was small middle-aged man with steel-rimmed eyeglasses. His favorite saying was:

“Well Begum – Half Done”

Sometimes he would add: “A lazy person is afraid of work.”

This is how he begun his first lesson:

“What is this?”

“A hammer!” everyone shouted.

“Right and this?”

“A nail”

“Right again! What is this?”

“A board”

“Good. We need to drive this nail into this board with one blow of this hammer. Who will do it?”


“I can do it”

“Let me do it”

Many students tried but even the strongest boy could drive the nail in with a blow.

Hawk took another nail,

placed it on the board and struck it.

He did not strike it very hard. Everyone was shocked. The nail had gone right into a board with blow.

Hawk said to all students you need a good eye a steady hand. Understand?

“Yes,” said my father and struck his thumb with all his might. He saw stars, everyone laughed.

Hawk said there is nothing to laugh at,

i hit the nail when i was a student and trying to made a stool?

No not at all, sometimes i hit my fingers.

and i would get a smack from my teacher on my head.

It was a way of telling me that he had hit the nail and i had not, that how we were taught.

How father made a stool | c4k story | online story for kids

Hawk said dont worry i wont hit anyone. We will begun by learning on how to make a stool.

my father and his friend taught that it would be a piece of cake to make a stool. “Hawk Said”

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21 thoughts on “How father made a stool | c4k story | online story for kids”
  1. Honestly, I kind of like this story. I liked how Hawk was able to get in the nail with one attempt by hitting it gently while all the other kids hit it as hard as they could. I feel like there’s a certain “moral” to this story.

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