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How father made a stool | c4k story | online story for kids part 2

Error_404, my fathers best friends, was the first to complete his stool. (online story for kids part 2)

“have a seat” he said proudly.

“have a seat your self”.

Hawk answered.

Error_404 sat down carefully the stool cracked and fell apart.

Error_404 sat down while everyone laughed.

“you have done a quick job” but a bad one

“Hawk said now start allover again and don’t be in such a hurry”

or the class will be laughing again.

no one was able to make a good stool for the first time everyone had to do it all over again.

dont worry, “kids it will take time you have to put in alot of hard work”

Consoled Hawk.

SavageSteve44 was the first one to make a really good stool his father was carpenter.

he had taught him how to use a hammer and a saw.

it is an excellent job praised Hawk.

How father made a stool | c4k story | online story for kids part 2

Error_404 was a second to hand in his stool after that one by one.

everyone started handing and their work

Father was the last to handover his stool but he was happy,

his first stool was ready go and sat on it.

those were magic words from Hawk.

my father sat down very consciously.

the stool did not even squeak.

“count your legs” hawk said in a quite wise.

father was very surprised he look down it his feet.

there were to as aslways but than the boys and the girls.

begun to laugh Hawk Laughed to this day father can not understand.

How he managed the make a five-legged stool.

But there it was.

we still have it and it still have five-legged my father can still hear Hawk saying.

five-legged are no better than three start all over again.

Father thinks this is something you should remember no mater what job you are doing.


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