Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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free kids chat online | chat4kids | kidschat

free kids chat online | chat4kids | kidschat

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kid chat is created for 13 to 16 kids they can make friends kids chat is the safest chat room

the chat is controlled by moderation, we always work on safety of chatroom

kids chat is always available on our official website which is www.chat4kids.com.

safety and protection of kids is as follow bellow steps.

the first thing kids should not share their pictures with random users.

you should keep your safety by your own self. it is your responsibility

you have you’re responsibility becouse it is a nice webchat

and you must be careful to keep your safety

if any user have any problem with the chat or any other user please contact

any moderators immediately to get help

our chat allow set profile picture only special members those members who we trust

and give them high special user rank like VIP, Super VIP, C4K Special and Golden Users.

user should upload inoperative picture on their profile

kids chat only for kids we are not allowing user which above 16 year old.

we request users to report us if catch any olders.

chat4kids is only for kids to make friends and enjoy safe platform

you must follow our chat rules to be able to continue chat with friends

our rules page is https://chat4kids.com/rules/

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