Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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Make friends now and earn points

Earn points and get real money | money4kids

Earn points and get real money | money4kids


Hooorrrrrraaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy C4K is giving you money when you earn 50K points and in return C4K will give you $10.

How do i earn points

yaah good question, its very simple join chat4kids.com now register your account and start chatting on main lobby and follow your profile for earning points as shown in below image.

Terms and Conditions

we will send the amount each month to only one user in the next month the other user will get the amount in the next month so it will be keep continue same like this.

What is fastest way to earn ponts?

we are giving you 2 options to get earn faster

  1. invite your friend and get 2000 points
  2. create your own lobby on C4K and start chating in your own lobby with friends if you want you can keep your lobby password protected aswell as shown in the image below. (Simply Click on Add Room)

go to www.chat4kids.com now and start earning.