Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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C4K Staff Rules | Chat4kids

Welcome to c4k staff rules

  1. changing of username is completely not allowed if any user ask for change their username tell them its not allowed.
  2. You must talk respectfully with users even if they are disrespected to you.
  3. Do not ban, mute or kick users on first mistake you must give 3 strike to users.
  4. If you take any action you must keep prove for senior management to review it. or post the prove in staff room provided in lobby section.
  5. if any user by passing ban dont keep ban them just mute them thats all.
  6. C4K is not allowing fight between staff to staff other wise both staff will be demoted.
  7. Moderators should concentrate more on main chat room and users if there is happening something immediate inform admins to control the situation.
  8. Admins should maximum online in chat room to keep the chat safe for kids.
  9. Once again no any staff are allowed to change username of any user.
  10. Dont touch user profile picture user mood without their permission.
  11. If you see any inappropriate profile picture change is immediate without asking a user.
  12. If you cant control the situation inform upper staff they will help you to control the situation.
  13. You must be nice to any users online on C4K our main goal is the keep C4K and C4K users safe.
  14. All Staff must respect each other and work as one family.

Important Note: if you didn’t follow above all rules you will be demoted without any further notification